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Samara State Technical University (SamSTU) was founded in 1914. There are 11 faculties with over 19 000 students (2010) and 1800 faculty members. On campus, there are four dormitory and ten study buildings. We offer over 80 degree programs which have been designed to provide students with professional knowledge and skills.
Undergraduate programs a BSc degree - 4 years Graduate programs a MSc degree - 2 years an Engineer's degree - 5 years Postgraduate programs a PhD degree - 3 years (to apply, you need to have either a MSc degree or an Engineer's degree) Research projects done at the Samara State Technical University contribute to the development of various branches of industry in the Samara Region, with energy, environment, engineering, communication, and medicine being in focus. IT Services: Students and sfaff members have free access to most information network facilities on campus. Laboratories: There are laboratories equipped with unique devices and tools to do experiments and research projects. Centre for International Relations: The Centre for International Relations offer advice on how to get a grant to eiher study or do a research work overseas. The Centre's staff members arrange meetings with foreign academics who give lectures, make presentations and discuss problems interesting to students and teachers. Sports: We, in the Samara State Technical University, are proud of our students' sports achievements. There is a modern Sports Centre with a big swimming pool, and sports grounds to play lots of sport. Our students win prizes in local, national and world sports events. Culture and performance: The University's Culture Centre provide opportunities for development of artistic skills and abilities, as well as for recreation. Library: Academic Library of SSTU is one of the largest technical libraries in the Volga Region. Provision includes: • 11 750 000 volumes plus a wide range of periodicals • access to an ever-growing number of electronic databases and resources • access to over 100 computer workstations.
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